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Stickybeak Launch

Stickybeak Launch

Stickybeak is a New Zealand-based online research platform that aims to "make quantitative polling cheaper, faster and of better quality by using new conversational techniques." 


Before the business could go about their brand launch in New York, London, and Cannes, they wanted to create an asset kit to take with them, which included pieces of content that was engaging, accessible, and clearly communicated their brand statement: "From small talk comes big ideas."

The success of the project fostered our relationship with the founders of Stickybeak, in turn, paving the way for further creative briefs including a series of video podcasts, and a series of product tutorials


The biggest win for the clients is their continuing success at generating more leads for their business. Since their launch, Stickybeak had gone on to work with and be in partnership with the likes of The Spinoff, Vodafone, Oxfam, and other established local and global brands.

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